Palm trees are a must, especially in Florida, where the warm, humid climate provides ideal conditions for their growth. But despite their flexible trunks, tropical storms or other natural disasters, can damage them and cause a lot of trouble for you and your neighborhood. Once a palm is damaged, it becomes an emergency, and you should remove it as soon as possible.


Remove emergency palm trees as soon as possible, because they can cause some serious damage! 

Palm trees are very common in Florida. The warm climate and humid ground are beneficial and stimulating for their growth, and their anatomy is perfect for the harsher side of paradise. They can endure tropical storms and survive hurricanes. During fires, their trunk burns fast and does not produce lots of heat, which is why they leave less devastation than other trees, such as oaks or pine trees. 

But despite their benefits, palm trees can also become emergencies that threaten your safety and budget. They can not only harm your physical well-being, by falling or losing large branches, but they can also cause a lot of property damage. If they fall on your roof, car, front porch, or shed, they can easily damage and destroy anything in their way. They can also fall on powerlines and cut the power for the entire area. 

Not all palm trees will cause destruction. There are some signs that you can recognize to prevent hazards. For example, if a palm tree is tilting to one side, it will probably fall during strong winds. If a palm tree is infected by a disease or attacked by pests, it can also be fragile and become an emergency. 

A palm tree is an emergency if it: 

  • Falls on nearby buildings or vehicles 
  • Falls on powerlines 
  • Tilts to one side 
  • Is infected by a diseases
  • Is attacked by pests 
  • Suddenly starts losing fronds 

Once an emergency happens, you have to remove the palm tree, but do not get confused – palm trees are hard to remove! That is the main reason why you should call our emergency service right away. Will will estimate the damage and safely remove the palm and debris. Our services include both small and large palm trees

Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Palm Tree Removal 

How to safely remove a damaged palm tree? 

There are several ways of removing damaged palm trees, and all of them include contacting a tree removal service. The removal technique will mostly depend upon the condition of the tree and a good tree service will estimate the tree and decide what is the best way to remove it.

Experienced arborists will be equipped with good safety gear and heavy machinery needed to remove larger palms. They will also secure the palm tree trunk, so it doesn’t fall in an unexpected trajectory and make sure that non of the surrounding area is damaged in the process. 

Is it hard to remove a palm tree? 

Palm trees have thick, hard trunks, and you will need some heavy machinery to remove them. Depending on the size, you might need to secure the tree’s fall trajectory or remove it in smaller pieces. In any case, removing a palm tree is not an easy task, and the safest way to remove it is by hiring a professional tree removal service.

How to know when you should remove a palm tree? 

Palm trees will start showing different signs that will help you recognize if it is time to remove them. For example, the fronds will turn yellow and start falling off. If a palm tree trunk is damaged or tilted, it might also be a sign to remove it. The safest and most reliable estimate will make a professional tree service, which is why you should not wait for even a minute. Contact them and schedule an appointment.

How much damage can a palm tree cause on a property?

While it might not seem that way, even small palm trees can cause serious damage to your property. For example, smaller palm trees can rise sidewalks, even foundations, despite their roots being shallow. Large palm trees can do the same thing, and additionally damage buildings and vehicles, because their trunk is taller. Even dry palm tree fronds can leave a dent in your car or destroy a fence. Fronds can also get caught in power lines. If you have a palm tree that has already caused damage to your property, contact a professional tree service right away and let them handle the issue safely, without causing any more damage.