Trees are emeralds of any landscape, yard, or garden. They produce oxygen, provide shade and shelter, and even act as a building material. But because of their size, if not maintained properly, they might become a true nightmare. Their large, heavy branches and trunks might harm people, vehicles, and buildings. That is when they become a hazard, which is why you should remove them. 


For all tree removals in West Palm Beach, we give our customers the option of whether they would like us to haul the wood away or whether they would prefer to keep it. In many cases, a removed tree can be a good source of firewood.

Any type of tree that might lose branches or fall is hazardous! 

Old, diseased, and broken trees are all considered dangerous. First, they can fall at any time and cause damage to people’s property. They can even endanger the life of anyone standing too close. Second, removing them is as dangerous as not removing them. 

Hazardous trees can be unpredictable. You just never know if they are going to fall on a house, a person, or a vehicle while removing them. That is why you should NEVER do it yourself. Always hire professionals. We will safely handle any hazardous tree! 

Because tree hazards can vary, there are several methods of removing them: 

  • Piece by piece (mostly used on large trees with heavy branches in densly populated areas)
  • Felling (used for smaller trees and when there is enough space for a tree to fall) 
  • Using heavy machinery (used for trees that are impossible to climb on) 

Also, remember that our Emergency Service is ready to help you with any emergency tree 24/7/365.