Storms in Florida can harshly influence the environment, especially trees. During a hazardous storm, the healthiest trees have the most chance of survival. But if any tree has natural imperfections, previous damage, or any other type of flaw (bark and trunk cracks or weak V-shaped unions), it may suffer damage which will probably require storm cleanup.


Storm cleanup infographic

For all tree removals in West Palm Beach, we give our customers the option of whether they would like us to haul the wood away or whether they would prefer to keep it. In many cases, a removed tree can be a good source of firewood.

Storms can damage trees, buildings, ground, and other plants too! 

Storms have several consequences: they leave massive floods, start fires, cause structural damage to buildings, leave significant wind damage, and cause landslides. All this damage could result in mold infections, building instability, and trees that endanger human lives. 

Removing storm hazards can be dangerous, too, if you decide to do it yourself. But luckily, our team is always ready to help you return your property’s pre-storm shine.

There are several things we can do to get your property all nice and clean after the storm: 

  1. Estimate the damage and workload
  2. Pre-plan the cleaning process (based on the previous assessment) 
  3. Check if there are any living beings (animals or humans) left on site
  4. Emergency clean-up after the storm (removing larger and smaller debris: larger and smaller trees, branches, bushes, metal, glass, plastic, etc.) 
  5. Hazardous removal (remove heavily damaged trees that will become a severe hazard if not treated or removed) 
  6. If the storm is coming, we will prepare the property for the storm and do between-storms preparation (if several storms are coming one after another)