Wildfires can destroy hundreds of acres of land, leaving behind dry, burned trees that can easily fall or even burn again. If near buildings or roads, they might destroy properties and damage vehicles. Local governments suggest removing them because it prevents more hazards and helps the ground to regenerate.


Florida’s warm climate has almost ideal conditions for wildfires. 

Once they start, they spread fast, destroying the land and forests. Once the fire reaches populated areas, it destroys vehicles, commercial buildings, and people’s homes. It also leaves wast devastated areas with little to no natural life. 

If the fire has reached your property, your trees probably have suffered some damage. Since different parts of the fire vary in temperature, your trees might be more or less damaged. The hottest parts of the fire can kill even large trees, but lower temperatures might just leave some damage. 

Professional arborists will help you determine how much damage your trees suffered. If they are dead, you should remove them to prevent future fires and start soil recovery. If the tree is still alive, we might save it, depending on the ground and the tree’s condition. But remember that even if the tree is still living, the branches’ attachments are wretched, and the branches could start falling off at any moment. Such trees are considered dangerous, and the government advises removing them to avoid additional hazards. 

Remove burned trees with heavy machinery and solid safety gear. And never do it alone! Always hire a team of professionals to help you get your property to its previous state. The Tree Dudes offers safe burned tree removal services. We will estimate the property’s condition, remove burned trees and debris and help you to fertilize the soil if the fire destroyed it.

When approaching a fire-destroyed space, remember that the ground and debris could still be on fire. Also, even the half-burned trees are dangerous, so attend to them with extreme caution. Use protective gear and keep your distance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Burned Tree Removal 

Should I remove burned trees? 

Yes, you should remove burned trees. They act as fuel for future fires and stop the ground from recovering. But remember – never remove burned trees alone! Always hire professionals because some trees might still be burning, or they could fall at any moment. Safety is always a priority! 

Why should I remove burned trees? 

You should remove burned trees because they might fall on buildings and vehicles, harm people, or reduce the soil recovery process. Because burned trees are dry, they can easily get caught on fire or act as fuel for future fire hazards. 

Can I harvest burned trees? 

Yes, you can harvest burned trees, but keep several things in mind. Some burned trees might be too burned, and the best thing is to get rid of them. Other burned trees can get used in the wood industry and can be used as firewood too. But, before you decide to do it, consult with professional arborists, and do not harvest alone because it is exhausting and dangerous manual labor. 

Did fire destroy the ground on my property? 

Some fires can get extremely hot near the ground and burn it so much that it becomes sterile. After you remove burned trees, ask your tree service for a ground estimate and consult how to take care of the soil. If the ground is too damaged, it needs mulching and fertilization. The Tree Dudes offers fertilization services.