Coconut is an edible fruit derived from the coconut plant. Its flesh has many healthy fats, so it is often used to prepare different meals and sweets. The inside is filled with tasty coconut water used in beverage preparation or consumed directly from the coconut. 


Coconut removal infographic

We assume you like coconuts, but are you scared of them?

Well, coconuts falling from palm trees can be a real danger. They can destroy cars or buildings and cause serious harm to people. There are even records of people dying after a coconut fell on their head

The most frequent coconut injuries are related to the upper body (head, neck, and shoulders), but if you are sitting or lying under a palm tree, they can harm any other body part. These dangers derivate from the palm tree’s great height. Falling coconuts gain enough momentum to cause some severe damage to any nearby humans, animals, or objects.

The problem becomes especially acute during the storm when strong wind and heavy rain can bring coconuts down faster and harder, causing more danger and damage.

To make the danger even clearer, here is the list of things that could happen if you do not remove coconuts: 

  • Head and body injuries 
  • Building damage
  • Vehicle damage 
  • Property damage


To avoid this, it is necessary to remove coconuts on time so that when the storm comes, they will not represent an uncontrollable danger. 

Learning how to take your coconuts down can reduce the risk of potentially serious injuries and costly damage.

Without further ado, contact The Tree Dudes team of experts, who will help you get rid of dangerous coconuts before they hurt someone.