Commercial Mowing Methods & Equipment

Commercial Mowing Methods & Equipment

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Mowing the lawn not only gives it a beautiful and well-groomed appearance but also helps to control weeds and stimulates the emergence of new leaves, which positively affects the density of the grass cover.

There are two types of grass mowing – domestic and commercial. In the first case, we are talking about cutting the grass on the homestead plot; the second is about caring for huge spaces, including hectares of lawns.

Please note that The Tree Dudes does not provide mowing services for properties smaller than 50,000 sqft. 

Commercial mowing includes the care of lawns in gardens, parks, or around commercial buildings. A beautiful and well-maintained property looks not only good, attracts people to parks but also has other significant benefits:

  • Overgrown grass can allow dangerous insects to reproduce in it;
  • In unmowed lawns, it is hard to see glass or other sharp objects that can injure pets or people;
  • Mowing lawns improves the plants’ condition and helps increase the density of the grass.


That’s why lawn care is so critical. When it comes to several acres of grass, you need to call in the professionals.

Basic Rules of Lawn Mowing

A beautiful and well-maintained lawn requires careful maintenance. However, improper care for it can lead to poor results and damage, destroying the grass cover.

Therefore, when mowing the lawn, experts adhere to the following rules.

  1. Mow the lawn in dry, warm weather. Do not mow the grass after rain, as the mower machine will leave furrows in the wet soil behind it, and its blades will not be able to grip the damp grass evenly.
  2. The lawn is always mowed in a particular order. First, the grass is cut at the edges of the yard. Then the central part of the lawn is trimmed perpendicular to the mown edges in parallel strips.
  3. The grass is cut opposite the previous one to get an illusion of a smooth surface. 
  4. Cutting takes a lot of life out of the grass. Plants are watered and fertilized after cutting to restore lost nutrients and strength.
  5. The ideal lawn height is 1.2 inches, so most lawns are cut to this size.


The frequency of mowing is worth mentioning separately. The grass cut should be high enough so that its shoots get all the necessary nutrients from the roots and at the same time short enough so that the sun’s rays penetrate the ground. Therefore, the mowing frequency depends on the type of lawn, the type of grass, and the weather conditions.

There are a number of important factors to consider in commercial mowing:

  • Many lawns have an irrigation system that can be damaged by careless and unprofessional mowing;
  • Small animals can hide in the grass of lawns. You need to be especially careful not to harm them while mowing.
  • Commercial lawns often have other objects to be aware of when mowing – ornaments, shrubs, and even signage.


For these reasons, commercial lawn mowing should only be done by professionals!

Lawn Mowing Equipment

When mowing large areas, mowing with a trimmer or a hand-held lawnmower is very tiring. For this reason, wheeled mowers are most often used for commercial mowing. They have the following essential advantages:

  • The high mowing speed with minimal labor input;
  • The possibility to set the height of cutting the grass;
  • A grass catcher box, which will allow you to remove the mowed grass from the lawn easily;
  • Some lawnmowers have a mulching function, which allows you to use the cut grass as a fertilizer. 


Our lawn mowing professionals use professional equipment for commercial lawn mowing, ensuring the job is done quickly and efficiently. 

Types of Lawn Mowing

There are many different types of grass to mow, from the classic flat surface to the varied patterns which will give your lawn an exciting and unique look.

Creating a contrasting geometric lawn pattern should begin with a first draft, which should consider the area’s size and shape.


This effect is achieved when mowing the lawn by reversing the direction of travel of the mower. The first strip is cut to provide a direct line and used as a guide for the other strips.

A similar pattern is often used when mowing grass on football fields.


When creating wavy lines, the mower turns smoothly in different directions. Keep in mind that the turns should be as small as possible and as even as possible across the entire lawn.

Use the first one as a guide to align each wavy line.


In this case, mowing starts from the center of the lawn instead of the edge and is done in a circle. For each following process, change the direction of the mower.

The last step in any pattern is a second mowing pass around the edge to remove all traces of turns and give the lawn a finished look.

If you want to see your lawn beautiful and well-maintained, contact the experts at The Tree Dudes. We’ll be attentive to your issue, give you a free consultation, and get the job done efficiently and in a short amount of time. 

Table of Contents