Dead and Unpruned Palm Trees are a Great Danger in Wellington!

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Palm trees are the main plant on the streets of Wellington. It’s hard to overestimate their importance. They provide shade and coolness on a hot day, make the air cleaner, and are a great decoration for streets, gardens, yards, and parks.

In addition to what has already been said, the palm can be used in another way. Its seeds are very good in food – palm and coconut oil are in demand on the grocery market today. It is widely popular in cosmetics and cooking.  

Why are Palm Trees Dangerous?

However, the palm tree, for all its benefits, can turn into a real disaster. This is due to a lack of care, which must be very careful with every palm tree.

Let’s take a look at a picture from one of Wellington’s streets. As beautiful as the palm trees look in front of the house, they are a threat to the owner.

Unpruned tree near the home

The leaves on some of the trees look wilted and yellow. This suggests that in the first hurricane the yellow and dry branches will be blown off by a gust of wind and fall onto the roof, which can cause considerable damage.

Keep in mind that palm tree branches are quite heavy and that they can fall on cars, wires, other infrastructure, and even people passing by. In this case, the owner of this house will have to pay a large fine. 

Look at what can happen to palm trees during bad weather:

You should also know that a branch can fall without a hurricane, but under its own weight, so it can happen at any time. 

Let’s take a look at another photo from literally next door to Wellington Street. The owner of this house is in even more danger. On his property is not just an unpruned palm tree, but one that is already completely drying up. This could have catastrophic consequences.  

Completely dried-out branches on a palm tree indicate that the tree has been affected by a disease and is most likely already dead. Therefore, it can fall on a house, cars or people at any time. 

Dead palm tree near the house

If in the case of a fallen branch the situation will be unpleasant, but not critical, in the case of a fall of a heavy trunk of a palm tree the situation can turn fatal. 

How can This be Avoided?

The only sure way to avoid unpleasant consequences from dangerous palm trees on your property in Wellington is to ensure that they are properly cared for, and if care does not help, call in professionals to remove the dangerous palm tree. 

Any palm tree needs regular pruning of its branches. Not only will this help it grow better, but it will also protect your property during a storm or hurricane. Remember, too, that an unpruned palm tree can fall over in its entirety during a major hurricane, causing much more damage than if uncut branches fall over. 

This video shows how to prune a palm tree correctly:

In the case of a dead palm tree, pruning the branches will not help. In order to keep yourself, your family, and your property safe, you need to remove the entire tree.

TheTreeDudes team of specialists will assess the condition of your tree, determine what measures are needed to eliminate the hazard, and perform the work with the utmost professionalism, allowing you to continue to stay safe.