Emergencies most often happen suddenly, so you never manage to be prepared for them in advance. Especially if the situation requires immediate intervention and prompt solution of the problem. Therefore, in such cases, you need a team that will take care of this.

Emergency services are required in the following cases:

Trees damaged by a hurricane

If a tree in your area has fallen or been damaged due to a storm, hurricane, or other weather conditions, you will likely need emergency tree removal services.

Even very healthy and well-groomed trees can be damaged by bad weather. Strong winds or lightning strikes can split branches or trees.

Fallen trees, damaged trees, and wood debris can be dangerous to you and your property. Their heavyweight makes their removal too risky without professional experience and special equipment. Our tree emergency specialists can do this quickly and safely and eliminate the associated risk.

Removing wood debris

Even if the hurricane has not damaged the trees in your area to the point that they need to be removed immediately, it may well leave behind bark and branches that need to be removed as quickly as possible.

Branches and bark separated from the tree begin to rot very quickly, which attracts parasites and unpleasant insects to your property, which, in addition to fallen branches, can damage healthy plants.

Therefore, if there are branches or other parts of trees on your property that you cannot remove yourself, we recommend contacting our service for quick and high-quality cleaning.

Why is it so important to contact us

                The first is our experience. Even tree care requires a lot of knowledge, and when it comes to emergencies, experience comes to the fore.

This is also important because, in addition to tree removal, quite often there are situations where you need to assess whether the tree is so damaged that you need to get rid of it, or if only a few branches that may be dangerous need to be removed. It is also important to properly estimate which branches need to be removed to ensure that your property is safe.

Let us remind you that removing an emergency tree is a dangerous and technically difficult job, in which the knowledge and experience of an arborist come to the fore. Our employees have received special training and have many years of experience in the complex felling of trees near houses and vehicles.

The second important point is the professional equipment that we use in our work. Safe and quality removal of broken branches and damaged trees is not possible without it.

For example, without a special lift it is impossible to reach some parts of the tree, and cutting off a large and tall branch is possible only with the help of supporting cables. We also use safety and climbing equipment to ensure the safety of our employees.

Last but not least that is important when choosing our company is constant availability. Because in emergencies, quick response sometimes plays a decisive role.

Our experienced tree care team is available 24/7/365 and ready to react immediately. We will quickly assess the situation and provide professional services for the removal of dangerous trees to reduce further damage and restore your property to normal condition.

Our goal is to restore the safety of your property and peace of mind.