Trees can still suffer damage from storms, or pests and insects, no matter how big or strong they are. That is when they start being dangerous, and people proclaim them as emergencies. Do not hesitate, even for a moment, and hire professional arborists to remove an emergency tree before it hurts someone or causes even more damage.


You MUST remove emergency trees before they hurt someone or cause more damage! 

Trees are one of the most resilient plant species. Their hard wooden trunk and branches protect them from harsh environmental conditions, such as winds, cold weather, rainfall, and snow. Soft-stemmed plants have a hard time surviving conditions in which some trees thrive. 

When it comes to Florida, trees are inevitable assets of almost every property. They provide shade and cool hot air while absorbing excess water and preventing landslides. Palm trees also thrive in a warm, humid climate, and you can see them everywhere. 

But a lot of trees can cause a lot of trouble. They can get easily infected or attacked by pests. They can also get damaged in frequent tropical storms, which brake their branches or trunks and sometimes dig up the roots.  

For example, if termites attack a tree, they can damage tree trunks and branches so much that the tree can fall at any moment. Diseases that hit palm trees can damage the fronds, which start falling off and causing damage. Tropical storms can dig up entire trees and break large branches. They can even break smaller tree trunks. 

Unstable and damaged trees can cause serious hazards. Emergency trees can: 

  • Destroy buildings
  • Destroy vehicles 
  • Destroy power sources 
  • Harm people 
  • Damage other plants
  • Uplift foundations and sidewalks 
  • Cut-off roads and driveways 


Removing emergency trees is far more dangerous than regular tree removal. It requires a lot of knowledge and experience. It also requires safety equipment and heavy machineries, such as chainsaws and excavators. It is a task impossible to do alone. 

If you have an emergency tree on your property, always hire professional arborists to give you a hand and resolve the problem for you. That is the only way you can stay safe. 

The Tree Dudes offers emergency tree removal services. Our team will help you secure the tree, remove it and clear the residue debris without damaging the property or harming anyone. Your safety is our top priority! Our services include small, large, and super large emergency tree removal and small and large emergency palm tree removal. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Tree Removal

What is an emergency tree? 

An emergency tree is any tree that suffered damage that cannot be repaired. That includes fallen trees, trees that the wind dug up, trees with broken trunks and main branches, or trees suffering infections or pest infestations. 

How can I remove an emergency tree? 

The safest way of removing an emergency tree is by contacting a licensed tree service. Professionals will estimate the tree’s condition and figure out the best way to remove it. They will remove it safely without causing additional damage.

Are emergency trees dangerous? 

Yes, emergency trees are extremely dangerous. They can fall or lose more branches, damaged buildings, or harm people. You should remove them as quickly as you can because they also attract pests.

Can I save an emergency tree? 

You can save an emergency tree only if the trunk and main branches are not too damaged. For example, if a tree lost only some of the outer limbs or lost one main branch but still has a few left intact, you will be able to save it after a professional tree service removes a broken branch. If the tree suffered a harsh pest attack or disease infection, remove it. If the tree trunk has cracked or split in half, you will have to remove that tree too.