U.S. Rep. Greg Stuebe Injured – Hazards of DIY Tree Cutting

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On January 19, 2023, in Sarasota, Florida, Congressman Greg Stuebe suffered multiple injuries from a fall while cutting tree limbs on his property.

The Incident

A bystander named Darrel Woodie, who was working as an Amazon delivery driver for his second job witnessed the accident and immediately called 911 and Sarasota County’s Emergency services for help.

The 911 call recording revealed that the accident was caused by a branch hitting the ladder that Congressman Greg Stuebe was on. As a result, he suffered multiple injuries on his arm, back, and other parts of his body.

Shortly after the incident, an official statement was released by his office, informing the public that the U.S. Representative fell 25 feet off the ladder and had to spend the night in the ICU. Despite sustaining multiple serious injuries, the medical staff closely observed and assessed his condition, thankfully they confirmed that it was not life-threatening. 

Congressman Greg Stuebe and his family expressed gratitude towards the witness who called 911 and the medical staff from Sarasota County’s Emergency Services for their quick response and transportation. He was released from the hospital on January 21, 2023.

The Hazards of DIY Tree Cutting

U.S. Rep Greg Stuebe Injured Infographic

DIY tree cutting may seem like a straightforward solution for homeowners with overgrown trees. However, it’s a dangerous task that requires specialized equipment. Tree cutting is one of the most hazardous professions, even professionals with decades of experience and proper equipment still get injured.

One of the risks of professional tree cutting is the potential for falling branches or tree limbs. Even small branches can cause serious injuries, and larger tree limbs can be fatal. Additionally, cutting branches can cause the tree to become unstable, making it more likely to fall unexpectedly.

If you feel uncertain about a tree-cutting task, do not hesitate to seek the assistance of professionals. The Tree Dudes are equipped with the expertise and tools needed to handle the job safely and efficiently.

Table of Contents