How Is a Tree Taken Down?

How Is a Tree Taken Down

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Trees are an essential part of the ecosystem, so legislation in many developed countries prohibits removing them for no fundamental reason.

 Nevertheless, there are situations where removal of them is not only allowed but necessary:    

Inconvenient location

Trees grow long and slow, so the situation when a tree planted 20-30 years ago suddenly began to interfere with the infrastructure is quite common.

For example, trees can snag electrical wires, which creates an additional danger or end up in the middle of a pedestrian walkway, which also causes considerable inconvenience.

Dead trees

There are several reasons why trees can dry out, most commonly conifers. We will not dwell on them in detail and just mention that a dry tree is a dead tree, and you must remove it because it is somewhat fragile, and even with minor vagaries of nature, such a tree can fall.

Diseases or parasites

Trees are living creatures, so they are susceptible to disease. More often than not, pathogens get in through mechanical damage from external influences.

To prevent it from becoming a source of infection for neighboring trees, you should remove the diseased tree.

Dangerous trees

It is the case when a person is obliged to eliminate a tree to protect others and property from falling. As a general rule, emergency trees are considered to have the following defects:

  • Cracks that can be both longitudinal and transverse. The transverse ones are the most dangerous since you can continuously strengthen a tree with longitudinal cracks.
  • A slight angle of deflection of branches from the trunk. In this case, the branch is weakly attached to the tree and runs the risk of breaking under its weight. 
  • Necrosis covers more than half of a branch or trunk. 
  • Forked trunk. It is considered a defect even if it looks beautiful. The junction of the trunks is a weak point, and under the weight of its gravity, with a sufficient tilt angle, one part of the tree can collapse.
  • Significant damage to the root system can result from shifting soil layers, moving heavy machinery, or working in the ground next to a tree.


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These are the main reasons you need to get rid of the tree. In any case, this dangerous and challenging task should be entrusted to professionals so that the felling of trees is safe and the process is high-quality. If there is a chance to preserve the tree,  professionals will save it. 

Things to Keep in Mind

Tree removal is a complex and dangerous job that not everyone can do. Mature plants can reach a large size and have an enormous mass, so their fall can cause damage to your property or health.

The process requires outstanding professionalism, accuracy, and special equipment. Another essential thing to consider is that if the tree you cut down causes damage to someone else, the responsibility and costs will fall on your shoulders.

For this reason, always contact certified professionals to remove trees from your property, whether dangerous or not. They have all the necessary equipment and insurance to remove your tree quickly, professionally, and safely. 

Table of Contents