How to Plant a Tree? Step by Step

How to Plant a Tree? Step by Step

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Planting is a complex procedure that includes many steps and important points. We will tell you about each of them step by step and why you should trust us with planting your tree.

Tree planting is an integral process of landscaping. Tastefully selected ornamental fruit trees and beautiful shrubs will harmonize with each other in the site’s design, creating a sense of comfort and a lovely atmosphere.

Planting grown trees is a technically complex procedure requiring special knowledge, skills, and equipment. Therefore, without the involvement of highly qualified specialists, planting is most often impossible. 

How Is Planting Performed?

The first step in planting a tree is determining where you will grow it. To do this, you must know the answers to several questions:

  • What kind of tree will be planted?
  • What type of soil is in the proposed planting location?
  • How much sun is in the area?
  • How tall will the planted tree grow?

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Our experts will inspect your site and give detailed recommendations on choosing the right location where the tree will feel comfortable and grow well.

The next step is to select trees for planting. These should always be viable, well-developed trees. Seedlings grown in nurseries according to all the rules depending on the type of tree are ideal. 

The third stage of tree planting is the preparation of planting holes. The hole, on average, should be 1,5 times the size of the tree’s root ball. The planting hole is filled with a pre-prepared planting blend. Its composition, as a rule, includes fertile soil, sand, a complex of mineral and organic fertilizers, garden lime, and agents that increase plant survival. The exact composition of the planting blend depends on the type of plant.

After setting up the hole, you can start planting the tree. First, the seedling should be soaked in water, including the roots. It is also imperative to treat the roots with a special fertilizer that promotes their rapid growth in the new place. You should trim damaged roots with sharp secateurs. 

The plant is placed in the hole so that the part of the trunk with the root system is not too deep. Otherwise, the plant will develop poorly and produce deformed shoots.

The necessary amount of fertile soil should be added to the hole and lightly tamped.

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How to Take Care of a Recently Planted Tree?

Transplanted trees are in unusual habitat conditions. Seedlings are exposed to many environmental factors. These include excessive or insufficient light, exposure to wind, high or low air temperatures, a different soil composition, reduced air humidity, and so on. In this regard, the care of trees after planting should primarily eliminate the adverse effects and adapt the plants to new conditions.

First of all, the plant needs frequent watering. Remember that the tree’s root system after planting is fragile, so watering should include fertilizing. Heteroaksin is very suitable for such cases.

Make sure that you include Loosening and weeding the soil around the seedlings in the complex of tree care measures. Loosening allows optimal soil water and air permeability, and weeding kills weeds. The ground around the tree should be loosened no deeper than 2 inches to avoid damaging the plant’s surface roots.

Remember also about pests and perform all necessary measures to protect plants from diseases and problems for preventive purposes and diseased trees. 

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