How to Take Down A Tree? Timber!!

How to Take Down A Tree? Timber!!

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Sometimes cutting down a tree on your property, street or the woods is a must. In this article, you will learn when you should contact us to cut down your trees and how we will do it.

When to Cut Down a Tree

The need to cut down a tree or remove a stump arises in every site owner who is interested in improving his territory. No matter how beautiful the trees on them may look, sometimes situations arise when you cannot do without cutting.

Two Types of Trees You Should Remove Immediately

  • Hazardous trees are those that can fall and damage the property. For example, trees damaged by a storm or thunderstorm, trees damaged by rot, or dried trees are all hazardous. Cutting them down should be addressed first because they can threaten not only your property but also human safety.
  • Improperly located trees are trees that are not yet hazardous, but their location might make them more hazardous with time. Those trees include the ones that are too close to buildings or various systems such as electrical cords and plumbing pipes, or even building foundations. For example, contact with electrical wires can cause short-circuit or even cause them to break and start a fire.

Only professionals with extensive experience in this field should be trusted to cut down trees. After all, it is a difficult and dangerous job that depends not only on the safety of your property but also on the safety of the people around you. It is important to remember that this work requires the use of specialized equipment and technology.

How Is a Tree Cut Down?

Most often a tree is removed in two ways – it is cut down in parts, or it falls from the ground entirely. Both methods have features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Cut Down in Parts

This method is widely used for tall trees and emergency trees. It is made in the following way.

  • A worker climbs up to the top of the tree while cutting off the side branches. If the branches are small and there are no standing buildings or other property nearby, they are thrown down. Otherwise, the branches are lowered with ropes.
  • The worker cuts the trunk piece by piece. The parts of the trunk go down only on special cables or devices.
  • The stump is uprooted from the ground, and the sawed tree and the rest of the debris are removed.


This method is quite complicated and requires the use of special equipment and good physical training. However, cutting a tree into pieces is the safest way to cut it down.

Felling Trees From the Ground

This technique is simple to implement but quite dangerous. There must be enough free space around, so the method is used only in empty areas. It is performed as follows:

  • The location of the fall of the tree is determined. This is done based on the height of the trunk and the size of the crown.
  • A long rope is tied to the tree to guide the fall.
  • To control the angle of the fall of the tree, the first cut is made, then the worker pulls the rope, setting the trajectory of the fall.
  • A few more cuts are made and then the tree falls under careful control.



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