Hurricane Preparation Guide: Protecting Your Trees and Property

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Hurricanes are easily the most powerful and destructive natural forces on Earth, they pose a cataclysmic threat to communities and landscapes in the coastal regions of the US territory located on the Gulf of Mexico like Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. History has shown us that these storms can cause widespread destruction. Also known as tropical Cyclones, strong winds, unstoppable rain, and storm surges characterize these massive storm systems.

Hurricanes originate over warm ocean waters and then will travel all across the globe to bring destruction when they finally hit the lawn. Being prepared for a hurricane is a must if you live in the regions mentioned above. By implementing effective preparedness strategies, lives, property, and the environment can be safeguarded. In this guide, you will gain the needed knowledge and tools to protect your life, property, and the environment around you in case you ever have to face the destructive rage of a hurricane.

Understanding the Importance of a Hurricane

Before educating you about the obligatory preparations you should take when expecting a hurricane, you should fully understand what you will be up against. Underestimating a Hurricane is one of the worst life mistakes you can make. The state of Florida is a testament to this you can learn from. In 2017, Hurricane Irma touched the coast of Florida. It was not a new occurrence in the state, so authorities made preparations to minimize the damage done to private property and the loss of human and pet lives. However, they were expecting Irma to be a category 4 Hurricane, but it was a category 4 with a never-seen-before destructive power, reaching winds close to 155 mph. The devastation Irma caused is tied to the unpredictability of its strength. This is why you should be well aware of what a Hurricane is and how to be prepared in case the authorities announce one is coming to your location. When in doubt, assume the worst, it is better to be sure than sorry, always.

What is a Hurricane?

A Hurricane is a tropical cyclone with the strength of a tornado. Its strong wings can surpass 74mph. The most common places on earth a Hurricane can originate are the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and occasionally, but rarely, in the eastern Pacific Ocean. Hurricanes pose a real threat to coastal states like Florida, due to its geographical location the occurrences of Hurricanes hitting land with full force are somewhat frequent. Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and Hurricane Irma in 2017 caused widespread damage and killed several people and pets.

Just so you know, the Government of Florida works hard to try and ensure your security, but that doesn’t mean you invest time in protecting yourself and your belongings. Florida has the National Hurricane Center (NHC) and the Florida Division of Emergency Management to try to track and monitor Hurricanes. Official safety protocols include evacuation plans and building codes you should familiarize yourself with, as they are of utmost importance to minimize the impact and monetary losses caused by a Hurricane.

Dangers of a Hurricane

Understanding the various forms a Hurricane can take is essential to your survival. Being prepared is always a good thing, your family will have peace of mind knowing that you have a plan in case something bad happens. Also, handling situations with confidence can be a turn-on for some people. Storm surge, high winds, heavy rainfall, and characteristics of Hurricanes have different dangers and preparation methods, these things will go over your head if you don’t learn about the subject.

Strong Winds

Hurricanes generate winds that are more powerful than most man-made machines known. This force of nature is capable of pulling trees out of the soil, completely demolishing buildings to the ground with valuable furniture and belongings inside of them, and sending debris and other fatally dangerous objects flying around. Truly something that will sweep you off your feet. The sight of these kinds of powerful winds proves that natural disasters are no joke.

Torrential Rains

These kinds of rains will come crashing down during a Hurricane, there is no way around it, aside from the Strong Winds, which is one of the main apocalyptic characteristics of this natural mayhem. They are so heavy and cataclysmic that will turn streets into rivers, rendering communications inaccessible. In one of these events, you, your family, and your pets can potentially get stuck inside your property which may or may not be in a safe area.

The everflowing water will overwhelm the drainage system, ensuing chaos as many properties won’t be able to withhold the water from pouring inside the building, getting flooded from the inside, with its inhabitants left with nowhere else to run to, letting them know of their inevitable, painful demise. If your neighborhood is not in a safe area, it can turn into a waterpark real soon, instead of gardens, you will see Olympic-sized swimming pools.

With all of this pressure from the water, even if you manage to evacuate, your property may still suffer heavy structural damage to the point of collapsing onto itself.

Storm Surges

Close your eyes and imagine the nearest coast, then picture a tsunami of water crashing into the shore, led by a Hurricane. Doesn’t matter the way you pictured it, the idea itself is terrifying. After the water has reached the coast, it will start advancing like a bulldozer. Coastal neighborhoods will get flooded quickly, with sandy water that may be too dense to swim in, causing the death of anyone who gets trapped inside the slimy mass.

Buildings will get flooded; and roads, rendered unusable. Beachfront properties will forever lose their appeal unless they undergo massive reconstruction processes. Nature doesn’t forgive, its force doesn’t distinguish bad from good, or rich people from poor people, everyone will be affected the same, so it is of utmost importance to know what to do in a Hurricane, but especially the action protocol you should follow if your property is near the shore and Storm Surges are expected to happen.

The Importance of Being Prepared

Think about being prepared for a Hurricane as you would be for any important date of your life. You will want to have everything under control to reduce anxiety and have everything go smoothly, right? Each year’s Hurricane season is an opportunity for the most crucial day of your life to happen. That’s how important being prepared for it is. As we said above, dealing with Hurricanes is being prepared for multiple hazards.

Table of Contents