Lack of Tree Service Can Decrease Your Property Value!

Lack of Tree Service Can Decrease Your Property Value!

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In answering the question, “Why do I need to care for the trees on my property?” you should remember that it is necessary for their average growth and development. However, just as significantly, poorly cared-for trees can greatly reduce the value of your home and property.

How does this happen?

We will list the main things that negatively affect the condition of your garden and lower the value of the entire house.

Unmaintained Appearance

Lack of proper maintenance affects the health of trees and their look. For example, every tree needs pruning and trimming. These procedures are aimed at thinning out excess branches, both for aesthetic purposes and for normal plant development.

The crown of a tree that is not trimmed looks rather unattractive. Dry and withered branches do not add to the tree’s beauty; moreover, they negatively affect the health of the entire plant. A house with a neglected and ungroomed garden is unlikely to attract the attention of buyers, so selling it at the desired price will not be possible.

You should also remember that the presence of dry branches on the tree is quite dangerous. During a storm or hurricane, they are likely to fall on the roof of the house or car, causing significant damage. And if a branch falls from a tree on your property and damages your neighbors’ property, the cost of repairing it will fall on your shoulders.

Emergency and Hazard Trees

These trees are much more dangerous because they can cause severe damage. They most often fall entirely, which may damage property and pose a threat to people walking by.

Because of this high risk, properties with these trees are valued well below face value.

Emergency trees include:

  • Trees sloped to the ground – Such trees have an offset center of gravity, so they may not fall due to a major hurricane but simply due to the force of gravity.
  • Affected by rot or parasites – the tree’s trunk is damaged from the inside, slowly turning into dust, which sooner or later leads to the fall.
  • Trees that are growing close to electrical wires – with strong winds and any bad weather, such trees can cause a fire, which can easily spill over to other trees or wooden structures.


Dangerous tree can decrease property value.

It is the responsibility of the owner who owns them to get rid of emergency trees.


Pests are another factor that reduces the value of your property several times over. Some property owners even hate the thought of having pests on their property. But the danger of them isn’t just in their unpleasant appearance. 

Termites can be considered the most harmful of pests. These ant-like insects breed in rotten wood (such as stumps) and begin to eat it from within. Termites quickly spread to neighboring trees and wooden structures, destroying them unnoticed, eventually causing the tree to die or the foundation to collapse. The main danger is that termites are difficult to detect.

Termite eaten bark

Moles are not as dangerous, but they also cause quite a few problems. These animals dig underground burrows, eating tree roots along the way. Such a plant is likely to prove non-viable and will soon die.

Mites, aphids, larvae, and other insects can cause many problems. They bring various diseases to the trees, resulting in desiccated leaves, low yields, and, in particularly severe cases, death of the plants.

If you want to sell your property for the highest possible price, remember that it needs to be given an appropriate look, and garden and tree care is something that you should never neglect.

Table of Contents