Local Hero Dies From a Palm Frond – Pembroke Pines Florida

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Officer Charles “Charlie” Herring, a local hero and a U.S. veteran from Pembroke Pines Florida, tragically passed away on February 10, 2023, while on duty.

Officer Charles Herring’s Accident

Reports indicate that officer Herring was riding his motorcycle on northwest 194th Avenue when a palm frond fell onto his bike from a palm tree, causing him to lose control and crash. Despite being taken to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood for treatment, officer Herring succumbed to his injuries and met his untimely demise.

Following the devastating news of his passing, dozens of police officers participated in a procession to escort Herring’s body from the hospital to the medical examiner’s office.

Charles Herring was a member of the department since 2002. His loss is deeply felt by his colleagues and loved ones in the community. He was known as a husband, father, brother, and friend.

He was Always a Hero

Before his death, officer Herring had always been a hero to people close to him and the general public. 

In 2009, his heroism was witnessed in the local news for his swift action that saved a man’s life while on duty. A man by the name of Richard Johnantonio had suffered a massive heart attack and stopped breathing, but herring was able to rush to his side, call 911, and perform CPR, ultimately saving his life.

Charles Herring Local Hero Pembroke Pines Florida

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