Palm trees are an inevitable part of any seaside landscape. Florida is not an exception. It is almost impossible to imagine any part of Florida without palm trees. But as much as they amplify vacation vibes, they also amplify the danger. If not maintained, palm trees can harm people, buildings, and vehicles.


Palm trees stop being fun when they start threatening your safety! 

Everyone knows how beautiful can palm trees be, especially on hot summer days and warm nights while you are cruising down the boulevard. But once you own it, you start realizing how much care they actually require. 

Palm tree pruning is one of the most important maintenance processes, that keeps the palm tree not only good-looking but also healthy. It helps the growth and rejuvenation. But be careful and do not overdo it, because it might hurt the tree. 

There are several reasons why you should prune your palm trees: 

  • The fronds are brown and dry 
  • Flowers start sucking all nutrients from the tree
  • Buildings and powerlines are too close 
  • A storm is approaching 


Because palm trees have specific trunks and crowns, branches are hard to reach. Removing healthy fronds by accident or because your lacking knowledge and experience, might harm and kill your palms.

That is why you should entrust the process to professional arborists. The Tree Dudes will gladly prune your palm trees using high-quality equipment and safety gear, without harming the trunk or crown of the palm!