Preconstruction Site Clearing Explained

Preconstruction Site Clearing Explained

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Clearing the site of trees and shrubs is probably the first thing the owner of a newly purchased site should take care of. Indeed, in an area littered with old trees, shrubs, or large stones, impossible not only to begin construction but even to prepare a building plan.

Preconstruction site clearing involves mowing the grass, cutting down old and broken trees and shrubs, and collecting leaves. It is also possible to uproot stumps and level and remove unnecessary soil and clay.

On the site, there are old buildings – houses or sheds. In this case, dismantling wooden structures is performed simultaneously with cleaning.

When Is Preconstruction Site Clearing Necessary?

The clearing is carried out in all cases when the debris on the site interferes with the performance of any work.

Consider the main cases:


It is impossible to build a house, landscape a garden, or even pave a road on a property blocked with large rocks, debris, or trees. Firstly, construction machinery will not be able to drive up to the property. Secondly, all of the above takes up quite a lot of space, guaranteeing severe construction problems.

Preparing the Site For Sale

In most cases, land for sale has not been used for a long time, so it’s very problematic to sell an area overgrown with grass, shrubs, and trees. The neater the land plot looks, the higher its price. Therefore, clearing the territory in such cases is also quite often.

Abandoned Properties 

For various reasons, owners often have not used their land for a long time, so there may be a pile of bushes, trees, or even half-destroyed buildings on the property.

In all cases, remember that site clearance is always the first step in any project.

Preconstruction Site Clearing Includes:

Removal of Plants

The first thing preventing any work on a new site is extensive, broken trees. In some cases, they can take up the entire area needed for construction. Therefore, it’s necessary to get rid of some of them.

Large trees are cut down piece by piece, fragments from them are recycled, and stumps are uprooted and ground. After a well-conducted site clearance, there should be no remains of felled trees. 

Stone Removal

Quite often, landscape designers use large stones to create a beautiful area. However, during the construction phase, they will only get in the way and, in some cases, can damage construction equipment or cause injury.

Most often, stones are eradicated. Large rocks are broken into small pieces with the help of jackhammers, specialized equipment, and even explosives. After that, they are removed from the site.

Dismantling Buildings

In some abandoned areas, houses or buildings may remain whose condition does not allow them to be used for housing.

In these cases, dismantling is carried out, during which the material of the building, the condition of the supporting structures, and the distance to the nearest facilities are taken into account. Only after that is determined what equipment and method of demolition you should use.

Garbage Removal

It is usually required at abandoned properties or those that were previously used as landfills. Garbage is removed from the area, sorted, and disposed of.

Garbage on the plot

Particularly hazardous waste is disposed of by the regulations accepted for this purpose.

Cleaning Methods

The mechanical method involves cleaning with the help of machinery. Clearing the site by mulcher bulldozer provides short-term work performance, total environmental safety, long-term preservation of the result, and high-quality and full-fledged land preparation.

The manual method is usually used in places inaccessible to machinery, including wetlands. The work is provided by a group of people or a work team equipped with special tools.

There Are a Few Important Points to Pay Attention to:

  • Bringing a site to a good condition on your own requires serious effort and a lot of money.
  • Clearance of the site by professionals includes a qualified assessment of its landscape benefits. For example, it is unnecessary to eliminate all wild trees and shrubs, as they can beautify the territory of the future property. 
  • An essential role in the further arrangement of the territory can also play an existing unevenness of the relief.  Thus, the professional clearing of the site already creates a basis for landscape design. And at the expense of the price of land clearing optimizes the cost of the future landscape design.

Site clearing is not a simple matter. Leave it to qualified experts who can guarantee flawless execution of work. The more thoroughly will be carried out the clearing of dacha plots, the easier it will be to implement on them the most spectacular proposals of designers and to handle the land in the future. 

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