Removing large trees is hard. It is impossible to do it alone, and the process is dangerous. Because of the tree’s size, it is easy to lose control over the equipment or the trajectory of the trunk. It can damage buildings, vehicles, and people too. Keep it safe and hire professional help!


For all tree removals in West Palm Beach, we give our customers the option of whether they would like us to haul the wood away or whether they would prefer to keep it. In many cases, a removed tree can be a good source of firewood.

Always choose the safest way to remove your large trees!

Large trees can reach up to 40 feet. Their trunk can weigh thousands of pounds, and their branches are long and heavy. Large trees have big roots too, which dig up 20 feet into the ground. 

Large trees can enrich your property. They not only create shade or produce fruit, but clean the air, provide shelter for many birds and other small animals, and even serve as a building material. Their roots absorb a lot of water and keep the ground steady, stopping landslides caused by heavy rain.

If you are not taking good care of your large trees, they might become dangerous and start causing hazards. For example, if you plant them too close to your house or any other building, the roots might cause cracks in the foundation, affecting the building’s stability. 

Heavy branches might fall, especially during storms. If they fall on your house, they will break your front porch, roof, and even walls. Any nearby vehicles might also be in the line of fire. One strong wind and a large branch might cost you thousands of dollars. Not to mention the danger they are to humans. Many people suffered injuries or died because they got hit by a heavy branch from a large tree. 

If you plant large trees near power lines, be extra careful. If any part of the tree touches the power line, it might get caught on fire and cause power breakage. 

The main reasons you should remove a large tree are: 

  • Pest infestation 
  • Diseases 
  • Storm damage 
  • Building and powerlines proximity.

We offer a large tree removal service. We will estimate the tree’s condition and use reliable safety gear and heavy machinery to remove the tree without damaging the surroundings. We can also help you remove debris and cut the tree into firewood logs. Our main priority will always be your safety! 

Please note that rootball removal is not included in the large tree removal service.

Frequently Asked Questions About Large Tree Removal 

Can I remove a large tree alone? 

NO! You should never remove a large tree alone! If you wonder why the answer is simple: it is just too big. One person can’t cut the tree and control its fall simultaneously. If the tree starts falling in the wrong direction it could hurt you, all bystanders, vehicles, and buildings. Keep it safe and hire professional arborists! 

How long does it take to remove a large tree? 

You can remove a large tree in less than half an hour when there is nothing around it. If any buildings are nearby, remove the tree piece by piece. This process could last several hours. If the tree is already damaged, it requires special attention. You have to secure it first to prevent injuries and damage. It might last more than a few hours but no longer than a day. 

How to take down a large tree? 

You can remove a large tree in several different ways. If there is nothing around it, tree felling is the fastest option. If buildings are nearby, felling might damage them, so you should remove a tree piece by piece. Remove large branches first, then the rest of the crown. After only the trunk is left, separate it into smaller pieces and remove them from the stump. 

Should I remove a large tree close to my house? 

Planting a large tree less than 20 feet away from your house is dangerous. It might damage foundations, destroy the roof or walls and interfere with underground systems, such as water pipes or sewers. The safest option is to hire professional arborists and remove that tree.