It might not seem that way, but removing small trees can be tricky. If you have no experience, never do it alone because no matter the size, removing trees is dangerous and requires high-quality equipment and safety gear.


Do not fall for the claim that removing small trees is easy! 

Small trees can reach up to 15 feet and are garden and front yard features across Florida. Some of them have dazzling blooms and produce edible fruit. Others are attention-grabbing assets that breathe life into any garden. 

The most famous small trees in Florida are the crabapple tree, a beautiful flowering dogwood, sweet acacia, bottlebrush tree, bay cedar, and many others. 

Small trees are, just like any other tree, removed for several important reasons: 

If you do not remove small trees in time, they could damage the property. For example, they could fall on the front porch or a nearby vehicle. Their roots can also grow deep and damage building foundations. 

If you notice a small damaged tree on your property, contact professional arborists to remove the tree safely. We offer fast and safe small tree removal. We will also help you remove the debris and cut the tree into firewood logs.

Please note that rootball removal is not included in the small tree removal service.

Frequently Asked Questions About Small Tree Removal 

Can I remove a small tree alone? 

Professionals do not recommend removing any trees alone. While some might say that if you can reach the top of the tree without a ladder or a rope, it is safe to remove it alone. That is not true because even small trees require hard manual labor, good safety gear, and quality equipment. Removing them produces dangerous debris, so keep it safe and hire arborists to do it for you.  

Can you pull out a small tree? 

Yes. Small tree roots usually reach 10 feet in the ground. You can dig up a hole around the tree and loosen the soil around it. Once the hole is deep enough, you put a lever under the root to push it out or pull out the tree using a machine. You should not do it with professional help because you can damage the roots, break the trunk or damage a tree in some other way. Arborists usually use this technique for tree transplanting. 

What is the best way to remove a small tree?

The best way to remove a small tree is to hire professional arborists. They will make a removal plan, estimate the tree’s condition, cut down the tree using heavy machinery and good safety gear, remove residual debris and remove the tree stump. They can even help you with cutting firewood logs. 

How to stop small trees from regrowing? 

When you remove a tree, the stump will soon start producing sprouts to regenerate it. If you wish to stop this process, remove the tree stump as soon as you remove the tree. Some techniques you can use are grinding, pulling out, or herbicides.