Removing most trees is dangerous, no matter their size. Small trees can be as unpredictable as large ones. Super large trees are even more threatening. If you are alone, do not go near them. Play it safe and hire professionals!


For all tree removals in West Palm Beach, we give our customers the option of whether they would like us to haul the wood away or whether they would prefer to keep it. In many cases, a removed tree can be a good source of firewood.

Removing super large trees is one of the most dangerous tree removal services! 

Super large trees are usually higher than 50 ft. Some can reach more than 100 ft, such as Loblolly Pine or Southern Live Oak. Their crowns and roots can reach diameters over 120 ft, sometimes covering the entire yard. 

These trees and their branches are also heavy. It is not surprising to hear they are some of the most significant hazard sources on many properties. Branches can fall on any nearby building, destroy roofs and walls, and even take down an entire house. Vehicles don’t stand a chance because these trees can destroy vans and trucks. 

Super large trees can live several hundred years. Once they reach maturity, they might start disposing of dry branches. They might also get susceptible to diseases and pest attacks, which is dangerous because if a super large tree gets infected, it could quickly spread the infection and destroy your and your neighbor’s property. 

The less you take regular care of your trees, the more dangerous they become. If you miss pruning, never trim them, or decide that you are going to put off crown reduction for one more year, you are risking too much. 

Here are several important reasons why you should remove a super-large tree: 

  • The root affects the building foundation and other plants 
  • Pest infestation 
  • Disease infection 
  • The canopy is too close to powerlines
  • The trunk is getting dry
  • The tree is too close to the building 
  • Storm damage

We offer professional super large tree removal. We will estimate the tree’s condition, make a removal plan, and remove the tree without endangering you or your property. We will do all the hard labor for you, including debris removal and firewood preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Super Large Tree Removal 

How to reduce a super large tree size? 

If you have a super large tree that you do not wish to remove, there are ways of controlling its size. Crown reduction is one of the best methods. It includes the removal of one-third of a tree crown, which does not harm the tree. Quite the contrary, it helps the tree by reducing the weight of large branches. Regular pruning is also great for size reduction. It decreases the branch size, removes dry or infected branches, and positively affects the overall health of your tree. 

How much of a super large tree can you remove? 

When it comes to super-large trees, you can safely remove one-third of a crown. You can also safely remove dry branches. Removing entire branches is okay only if the tree has a healthy canopy and can survive without a large branch. Be mindful, because if you damage the trunk or major branches, the tree might become too vulnerable to pests and diseases. In any way, the best solution is to consult and hire professional arborists.

Should I remove a super large tree that is close to my house? 

If a super large tree is less than 20 ft away from your house, you should consider removing it. Tree branches could fall off and damage your house or your car, or the tree might get infected with pests, such as termites. They will move to your home even before they finish destroying the tree. Tree roots could also start undermining and damaging the foundation of your house, which could result in wall deterioration. So if a super large tree is close to your home, consider hiring professional arborists to remove it.