Residential Mowing Explained in Detail

Residential Mowing Explained in Detail

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Lawn mowing is one of the most important things in keeping your landscape beautiful, whether it’s a private home, a meadow, or a golf course. However, caring for such areas is quite difficult.

First, it takes experience to maintain the perfect lawn. Incorrect mowing will not give results, and in the worst case, it will even harm it. Secondly, the care of large areas needs special equipment, the use of which also requires experience. Therefore, the best option for lawn care is to entrust it to professionals.

Our staff is highly experienced and qualified to care for any lawn type. We use specialized equipment that allows us to service any size or type of lawn. In hard-to-reach areas and areas with difficult relief, we use special trimmers to cut the grass. We always take the cut grass outside the area, thus not littering it.

Lawn Mowing for Residential Properties

The Tree Dudes only provides residential mowing services for properties larger than 50,000 sqft.

For any smaller sizes of mowing services feel free to leave us a request below and we will provide you with a great service provider in your area. Please note in your request that you are looking for a small mowing service such as a house or a small complex.

In some sources, you may find that regular mowing harms the grass. This statement is only half true. It is true that grass is under considerable stress and subsequent loss of moisture, but this only happens if it is not properly maintained. Cutting can be quite gentle and even beneficial.

With regular pruning, the stems become more elastic and begin to produce many young side shoots. As a result, the density of the grass increases considerably. In this way, an even, dense grass cover without gaps can be achieved and helps to reduce the number of unwanted weeds. They just can’t grow through a consistent root system. Also, a denser cover resists stress better and retains moisture longer. There is less evaporation because the sun doesn’t get into the gaps between the plants.

Mowing Golf Courses and Large Private Courses

Every owner of a golf course faces the question: how to care for it and how to maintain it properly? Should you try to do it yourself or should you take outside professional help and use the services of a company that provides the highest level of care?

When answering this question, keep in mind that golf courses are huge, so taking care of them yourself is not only very difficult but also time-consuming. You should also know that the standards for taking care of such courses are very high. Therefore, we advise you to hire experienced professionals.

TheTreeDudes is happy to take care of your golf course. The care will be performed by highly skilled workers using modern techniques and professional equipment. So when you put your course in our hands, you can be assured of its excellent condition.

All of the above applies to any type of large private golf course. With proper care, you will not only avoid most of the problems associated with tall grass, but you will also enjoy the beautiful appearance of your property.

Preconstruction Site Clearing

In addition to mowing your property, we also offer clearing of the area where you are just planning to start building.

New plots that have never been used as property mostly have tall grass, trees, stumps, or large rocks that may exist. All of these are nuisances that need to be removed.

In addition to mowing grass, we can help you get rid of all kinds of plantings that you don’t want on your property, thereby making it look optimal for future construction.

Our specialists will come to the site, estimate the amount of work and cost, and perform the work with high professionalism and quality.

Table of Contents