How to choose a tree service in Florida?

There are so many tree service companies today that it is very difficult to choose among them. In addition, there is always the risk of running into amateurs or scammers. In this article, you will learn what to look for in order to make the right choice.

What Does Tree Service Mean?

Tree service includes many aspects – planting, maintenance, pest control, and many more. You’ll learn about each of them, understand how to do it correctly, and you can be sure that we’ll be happy to help and do it in the best way possible.

How To Choose a Tree Service In Florida?
Premium Tree Service - Explained

Commercial Mowing

A well-groomed lawn not only looks beautiful but also attracts a large number of people. We will tell you how to mow your lawn correctly, how often you need to do it, and what important points to consider. You will also learn why commercial mowing should only be done by professionals.

Price: $500+

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Care For A Sick Tree

A diseased tree can be cured in most cases. We will tell you why trees get sick most of the time and what to do to prevent the disease. We also offer help with the care, treatment, and removal of trees that cannot be saved.

Price: $100+

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Tree Removal

Sometimes you can’t do without cutting down a tree on your property, in the street, or in the woods. We will tell you when it is necessary to cut down trees, what methods to use and why it is better to contact us.

Price: $500+

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Hazardous Removal

Trees are an integral part of the landscape and beautify our property. However, there are times when they can threaten not only buildings and cars but also human health. We will tell you in detail which trees are considered dangerous, what to do in such cases, and why you should immediately contact a professional.

Price: $200-$5000

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Pest and Fertilization

Fertilization and pest control are important parts of tree care. We will tell you the difference between organic and mineral fertilizers, how to use them correctly, and which ones you should use in certain cases. We will also explain how pests can harm your plants and how to deal with them without harming the health of people and pets.

Price: $200- $500

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Tree Planting

Trees add beauty and comfort to your property, create shade on a hot day, and help to diversify the landscape design. However, planting is a technically complex procedure, which includes many steps and important moments – the choice of location, delivery of seedlings, and care for the planted tree. We will tell you in detail about each of them, as well as about why you should entrust the planting of a tree to us.

Price: $200- $2200

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Cabling and Bracing

Trees that are in a state of emergency do not always have to be cut down. In some cases, they can be saved by supporting the branches or securing them to nearby buildings with cables. We will tell you what cable and bracing are, what the difference between them is, and when one or the other method should be used. We will also explain why it is best to hire a highly qualified professional for this job.

Price: $200- $2200

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Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction is a pruning procedure which reduces the size of the crown and the height of the tree. Usually, branches are reduced by one third of their original length. If this is not done properly, your tree could suffer damage or even die. That is why you should hire and let professionals do the job the right way. Your trees will thank you. 

Price: 250$+

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Tree Shaping 

Sometimes, a tree does not fit your idea of a backyard impression, so you need to shape it by bending or cutting off all branches you think are in the way without harming the tree or affecting its growth. 

Not all trees are suitable for shaping because their crowns are either shaped naturally, and you could only ruin it, or the tree will suffer severe damage if you start cutting or bending branches. That is why you should always consult or hire a professional to do this job for you. 

Price: 500$+

*Small trees (under 6ft) start at $250

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Tree Trimming and Pruning

Many people confuse the terms “pruning” and “pruning. Although both have to do with cutting branches, they serve different purposes. You will learn the difference between the two, when to use each, and how to do it correctly. Remember, too, that you can always use our services to get the job done in the best way possible.

Price: $250 per Tree

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Tree Transplanting

Tree transplanting is most often used for large trees, and it is a very complex process that cannot be done without the help of highly qualified professionals. We will tell what cases trees are transplanted, the main steps of this work, what is the difficulty, as well as how to care for the tree after transplanting.

Price: $200-$2200

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Stump Removal

After removing a tree, you are left with a stump, the removal of which is quite a difficult job that requires good physical training, certain skills, and sometimes the use of specialized equipment. We will tell you in detail how to remove the stump so that you can decide whether to do it yourself or ask for help from us.

Price: $100+

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Palm Tree Pruning and Trimming

Unlike most trees, palms do not need regular and frequent pruning. We will tell you in which cases the palm should be pruned, how to do it correctly, what equipment to use, and what safety measures to take. We also remind you that our specialists are always ready to help with palm pruning, doing it quickly and professionally.

Price: $50 per Palm

Order Pruning Palm Trees


Annual Maintenance

To avoid worrying about the health of your trees, entrust their care to professionals. It is especially convenient to do this with the help of an annual maintenance contract. We will tell what it includes and what care your trees will receive as a result of signing it.

Price: $500+

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Coconut Removal

For all the benefits of coconuts, they can be dangerous if dropped from a great height. We will tell why it is important to have coconuts removed by qualified professionals and what steps we will take to resolve this problem.

Price: $100

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Preconstruction Site Clearing

To start building on a new property or to sell it for a better price, the first step is to get rid of unwanted trees, rocks, or old constructions. In the process, it is also possible to uproot stumps, level and remove unnecessary soil and clay.

Price: via Estimate only

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Storm Cleanup

Storms can have several consequences: they can leave massive floods, start fires, lead to structural damage to buildings, and leave significant wind damage, resulting in mold infections, building instability, and dangerous tree damage. In other words, buildings could be destroyed or damaged, the land could start sliding, and plants could be torn up, burned, or destroyed by heavy rain and wind.

Price: 250$+

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