Some trees require more care than others, especially during seasonal changes. Biannual tree services can help you keep track of your trees’ condition and prevent hazards and emergencies. It is the best way of keeping your commercial property safe.


All trees need regular care and maintenance. It is the only way to keep them healthy and safe! 

Biannual tree services are indispensable for fast-growing trees and shrubs, especially if you are trying to shape them. If you wish to control the size of these trees, you should trim, prune and shape them every 3 to 6 months. Still, be mindful of how you maintain them, for it can, sometimes, damage the tree beyond repair. 

Because tree maintenance practices are complicated and require extensive knowledge and experience, you should not do them alone. One wrong move could cost you a tree branch, unwanted infections, a pest attack, or even an entire tree. The safest way to do it is by hiring a team of professional, licensed arborists. 

We offer all-inclusive biannual tree services, which will help you keep your commercial property safe and good-looking.

The Tree Dudes’ biannual services include: 

  • Seasonal trimming & pruning 
  • Tree shaping 
  • Crown reduction 
  • Tree removal 
  • Periodic estimates

Keeping all trees on your commercial property healthy will guarantee you safety, even during harsh tropical storms. Your trees will be stronger, and more resilient, and will not endanger any property visitors. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Biannual Tree Services 

What is the best season for tree trimming & pruning? 

The best time for pruning and trimming is late winter to early spring before trees start producing new leaves. The same goes for crown reduction and tree shaping. On the contrary, the worst possible time you can use these methods on your trees is the middle of the summer. It is because most trees will lose a lot of their leaves during the process and will not be strong enough to recover. 

Can trees increase my commercial property value? 

Yes, healthy, well-maintained trees can increase your property value because they produce shade, cool and purify the air, firm the ground and absorb excess water. They are also good-looking features that attract positive attention. 

How can trees damage my commercial property? 

Poorly maintained trees can start losing branches or leaning to one side. Such trees can easily fall and damage cars, buildings, or pedestrians. If a tree hurts a person or its property, you are the one that will have to pay the fine or will have to cover legal expenses if it comes to it. 

Can removing a tree from a commercial property increase property value? 

Experts advise planting trees on your commercial property to increase its value, but removing a tree can have different consequences. If a tree is hazardous, infected, and can cause an emergency at any moment, you should remove it. Removing hazardous trees from your property will increase the property value, but if you decide to remove a healthy, good-looking tree, it could decrease it.