Trees have different properties once they reach maturity, but they all need regular maintenance, especially tall trees with large branches and big crowns. They often get cracks in the trunk and dismantle dry branches to help their growth, which is a natural process for the tree but bad for humans, especially if branches are large and heavy. They might crack in the weakest attachment point and cause you some trouble.


crown reduction service infographic

For all tree removals in West Palm Beach, we give our customers the option of whether they would like us to haul the wood away or whether they would prefer to keep it. In many cases, a removed tree can be a good source of firewood.

The improper crown reduction might seriously damage the tree! 

Before crown reduction, the standard procedure of tree size reduction was called topping, which included cutting branches, but without proper structure or consideration of the tree. Topping seriously harmed trees, so keep in mind that if you wish for your trees to stay healthy, avoid topping services and go for crown reduction instead. 

Crown reduction is a specially developed, healthy pruning technique that reduces branches’ length and weight, stopping potential breakage and hazard. As a form of trimming and pruning process, it keeps the tree healthy and allows it to regrow a new crown with more nutritious and vigorous branches. But only if the process is performed correctly. 

Cutting branches wounds the tree. If you do not cut them the right way, it might seriously injure and damage the tree. 

Crown reduction helps the tree in several ways: 

  1. Reduces the branches length, encouraging lateral branch growth
  2. Balances the crown size and does not reduce it for more than one-third
  3. Leaves minor cuts and less space for pests and disease infections
  4. Removes dead branches 
  5. Improves the quality of fruit 
  6. Improves your garden’s overall health and appearance

Remember that large trees are not easy to handle, especially if you have no experience. That is why a complex procedure, such as crown reduction, should be handled by a professional.

We will gladly jump in and help you take proper care of your trees!