Sometimes, after you remove a tree, the stump stays as a nice little garden asset. Other times, it could get in the way, and attract pests, diseases, and wild animals. That is why you should remove the tree stump and save your garden from future troubles. 


Tree stumps can be hard to remove if the root goes too deep into the ground! 

Tree stumps, in nature, provide food and minerals for many animals, insects, fungi, and other plants. That is not always the case in gardens and yards. On property, stumps cause more harm than good. That is why most people remove them. 

There are several methods of stump removal: 

  • Manual uprooting
  • Chemical removal 
  • Fire 
  • Mechanical removal 


All of these methods are dangerous, especially if you are not experienced. For example, removing a stump with fire can cause a real fire. Chemical removal could damage the soil and kill other plants. 

In other words, removing a tree stump is hard and potentially hazardous. That is why you should always hire professional arborists to do it for you. The Tree Dudes will help you remove the stump and all remaining debris.