A Tree Hazard in Wellington, FL

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The City of Wellington, FL, is often visited by tourists who enjoy highly inhabited places enriched with lots of green public spaces. Trees and other plants create a vacation environment and induce a feeling of relaxation for tourists and visitors while also bringing peace and calm to locals. However, no one really wants to deal with the inevitable tree hazard. Many studies show that green color and natural greenery positively influence mood and psychological health and improve the overall happiness of people living in such places.

Therefore, tree and lawn maintenance is essential. It is not an issue from the aesthetic and psychological perspective but also the question of safety. In recent years, the city of Wellington has been encountering problems with trees with loose roots that threaten to fall at any moment. 

Leaving this issue unresolved or allowing it to develop further is something that the resort areas cannot afford, considering the influx of visitors daily. In this perspective, we are here to point out the possible hazards of loose roots caused by lack of or even inadequate care, which is also a very present problem for the people of Wellington. 

Large tree caused a hazard by lifting ground on the sidewalk and falling on the white house.

How to Recognize Tree Hazard?

Any tree that could fall and damage buildings, wires, private property, or injure people and animals should be cut down. These trees are hazardous if they are located near residential areas or big infrastructural points. 

Suppose you drive around Wellington and encounter dry branches on the road, bark damage on the trees, decay, defective root systems, unnatural angles of the tree, etc. These are the critical signals that the tree is not taken care of and represents a possible danger. In that case, you should be concerned and report the issue to the authorized company. 

Do Wellington Citizens Need to Be Concerned With Damaged Trees?

There are several reasons why inhabitants and tourists should be concerned about possible damaged trees near their houses, residential buildings, and infrastructural objects such as main roads. 

Wellington is part of South Florida that is not invincible to hurricanes. Strong winds can easily uproot and knock down trees with loose roots. Then try to imagine what hurricane winds can do. The same consequences can come from the natural process of tree decay that eventually leads to a level of damage where roots no longer have the power to hold the scape. Such trees are especially vulnerable and dangerous and can lead to blockage of the main roads, cutting off power lines, or even hazard to human life if the tree leans on a building or a house.

Trees with loose roots can fall on any residing object based on the wind direction. Therefore trees growing near roads and sidewalks, residential and public buildings, even though highly appealing, are hazardous if not maintained. Such trees are called emergency trees, and if not taken care of often and properly, they can become a hazard.

A tree hazard in Wellington, FL infographic

How Do You Know if a Tree is Too Close to Your House?

As mentioned, any tree can become an emergency sooner or later. It can be caused by bad weather, a pest attack, or various diseases.

There are several ways to preempt the possible hazards of trees with loose roots in both private and public areas.

Professionals from The Tree Dudes suggest that citizens and companies should plant trees at a safe distance of at least 15 feet away from buildings or other trees, especially in Wellington, where this problem is very prominent. You should also plant large trees 20 feet apart and small shrubs 10 feet apart. When planting, also pay attention that the tree does not touch the roof or walls of any residential or commercial building. The ground should be solid, flat, and preferably away from major roads, power sources, or rivers. 

How to Resolve the Issue of Trees With Loose Roots

Tree removal is a complicated and dangerous process. As much as the tree with loose roots represents a danger if not appropriately treated, unprofessional removal can be as hazardous as just letting the tree be. In addition, the tree removal process requires special equipment that is not practical to purchase for a one-time job and therefore is unavailable in a typical household.

A tree hazard in Wellington, FL infographic 2

Thus, we suggest hiring professional help to take care of public spaces correctly and in a manner that will help to avoid any possible dangerous situation. This advice also stands when it comes to maintaining public spaces, which in Wellington represent an even more significant danger than any private residency.

Table of Contents