Trees Growing Near Powerlines in Wellington FL

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Taking care of greenery in public spaces and private property is a necessary effort that should be an obligation of both citizens and the local government. In Florida, an incredibly significant number of areas take meticulous care of their green spaces, including trees, which is just one of the reasons why visitors choose to spend their time here.

Beauty is just one aspect that needs to be considered when taking care of the general outdoor area. Another relevant point that needs to be addressed is safety. One of the significant threats often overseen is placing trees near power lines and sources of electricity that can later become a significant hazard.

Green Spaces in Wellington

Wellington is a much-preferred destination for a more extended stay, especially for people passionate about hunting, dressage and polo.

Its green spaces are envious, but their maintenance needs to be improved, because Wellington has, so far, encountered several issues regarding the maintenance and grooming of its green spaces, specifically trees on public property. Among the most severe problems is the very proximity of trees that are not maintained to the powerlines.

We will introduce you to the possible danger that comes in the case of having trees near power lines in Wellington and how the area resolves this issue. 

The Problem of Tree Proximity to Powerlines

Some of the most common issues that trees near the powerlines can cause for inhabitants of cities and villages like Wellington are power outages or momentary power interruptions, fires in case of contact, and the conduction of electricity that can be dangerous for everyone.

Power Outages

Issues with trees cape being near the powerline are that the branches and leaves that get detached from the tree can end up on the powerline itself, causing interruptions or, in many severe cases – power shortages.

Winds can also cause trees to lean and therefore disrupt the power sources or cables tied to them. It mainly concerns Wellington due to the frequency of tropical storms.

Additionally, very often, raccoons or possums can ascend the tree and unintentionally contact electric wires. They can not only touch powerlines themselves, but their weight can bend the branch that can eventually touch the powerline. Being a resort and often a vacation spot for families, this issue is very concerning for Wellington.


The proximity of trees, dehydrated stems, and branches that are not removed on time may become a possible fire hazard.

Watch this video to learn more about the dangers of power line fires.

As mentioned, trees conduct electricity, especially live trees or wet branches. On the other hand, dry scape and components close to the power grid can be easily inflamed by an arc caused by the current in the power line.

Issues With Electricity

A live tree can conduct electricity. Based on trees’ features, the proximity of power sources enhances the chance of electric conduction and flow towards different objects and people, which can be extremely dangerous and even lethal. This process can happen when lightning strikes. In Wellington, for example, a more significant issue with a higher probability of a bad outcome is the electrification of the power grid.

Another scenario worth exploring is the arc from a power line that can be transmitted to the branch of a tree depending on the proximity and therefore spark an electricity flow that can be fatal for humans.

How to Solve This Problem

Primarily, it is important to understand that this problem is not something you should handle alone, especially if we are talking about an already grown scape that is close and can touch power lines at any moment. We often misjudge the level of voltages in the powerlines, which gives us a false feeling of security and the possibility of resolving this issue alone.

Also, you may think that working on the trees or shrubs near your home’s service line is safer than working near the high voltage secondary distribution lines on the pole by the street, but that’s not true. The hazard is equally present in both cases.

To avoid hazards, choose the planting spot wisely and groom the trees for them to develop in a direction away from the power line.

Nevertheless, if the problem exists, such as in Wellington, you should know this is a job for professionals, such as The Tree Dudes. In Wellington, there are several locations in which this problem exists. The only solution is professional help in maintaining and trimming trees in dangerous places. Wellington, as mentioned, has a highly well-maintained green area, but this kind of hazardous situation should not be left unsupervised and unresolved.

Given the right circumstances, even minor accidents can cause immense consequences, so one should preempt all possible hazards as the primary mechanism for a safe environment. Therefore,  you should assign this job to professionals. We suggest you hire the best possible service to help the citizens of Wellington, as well as all other inhabitants and visitors of Florida, feel safe and enjoy the greenery.

Table of Contents