Trees Planted Close to Home Are Very Dangerous in Wellington

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Landscaping is vital to most people, not only in Wellington but around the world. Trees and shrubs provide coziness and shade on a hot day and purify the air. 

However, you should remember that property landscaping is a responsible matter, and you should not neglect the norms of planting trees. It is important to maintain the distance between plantings and take into account that over time, the crown and root system of the tree will proliferate and possibly create many problems.

Here are three reasons why you should never plant large trees too close to your house.

Damage to Buildings

A tree, especially a large one, weighs a lot. Different tree species have different heights and densities, which also affects their weight. For example, a large oak tree weighs approximately 14 tonnes, while a mature pine tree weighs around 2 tonnes. Compared to that, a fully grown sequoia weighs 1300 tonnes.

Large branches on mature trees can weigh hundreds of kilograms. Imagine if that weight fell on your home or other buildings. In some cases, you may get away with a minor scare, but cases have been known to cause severe damage – such as roof collapse or even the destruction of a home.

Remember that a tree on your property is your responsibility and it is your duty to make sure it is safe and will not cause harm to your neighbor’s property. If it falls on your neighbor’s house and causes damage you will be responsible for the incident and will have to pay for all repairs if the neighbor’s property is not insured or his insurance refused to compensate.

You should also never overlook the fact that different trees have different root systems. Some remain near the ground surface, while others can reach tens of meters deep. An extensive root system can destroy the foundation or the entire structure. They can lift it or cause cracks, which affect building stability. 

Danger to Underground Utilities

Trees should be planted so that their growth does not interfere with underground lines. Keeping the distance is very important here since severely overgrown roots can damage gas and water pipes, which often run next to houses and sometimes under them.

Let’s look at the picture below. Judging by the size of each tree, they have a vast root system. In addition, they are pretty close to the house, which is a significant risk to the integrity of underground utilities.

Trees near the house

Such incidents can lead to severe consequences in some situations, from flooding to gas leaks.

Disruption of Tree Growth

Planting trees away from the house should also be done because it benefits the plants.

If a tree does not have enough space for a standard trunk, root system, or branch development, it either grows worse or, as mentioned above, can pose a danger to the house and the nearby utilities.

If trees are planted far enough from the house, they begin to grow and bear well. 

What About Wellington? 

In Florida, palm trees are almost a trademark. They are an inevitable part of the perfect vacation landscape, but just like any other large tree, they can get dangerous. Their branches can weigh as much as 15 kg. It is enough to hurt you or damage nearby vehicles and smaller buildings. 

The palm tree trunk can weigh over 100 kg, and if it falls, it will cause some damage, no doubt. But palm trunks rarely fall, even during storms. They are flexible enough to withstand strong winds. 

Palm tree trunks usually fall because they were planted too deep and the root system did not develop properly. Pest infection might also weaken the trunk and cause hazards.

How to Fix the Problem

If the trees are too close to your home, the best solution is to remove them. However, if you’re not ready for such radical measures, pay attention to the tree’s condition.

Signs such as yellow leaves or dry branches, rot on the trunk, or pests indicate that the tree has been affected by a disease and may fall without exposure to adverse weather factors.

Remember that any tree, no matter how beautiful, can be dangerous. So, safety should be a priority, especially if it is planted near your home and slowly starts to obstruct building integrity. Hire a team of professional arborists to help you plant the tree in the right place and maintain it, or to remove branches and trees that have already started causing hazards. 

Table of Contents