Trees Interfering With Powerlines In North Palm Beach!

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Many consider trees to be much needed in the city because they create shade and provide a habitat for many animals looking for shelter. They also soak up a lot of water, so their presence could regulate floods and landslides, which is a good thing when you live in North Palm Beach. But if trees and their branches are not held, trimmed, and taken care of in suitable ways, they can become a serious problem and cause an emergency. 

How Does This Problem Start?

People are constantly changing the environment they live in. One of the most common ways of changing the space you live in is making it more liveable by getting some plants around, which is relatively easy for indoor plants. 

But when you have a garden or a driveway that you wish to change, trees and bushes are the plants you turn to. Especially trees, because they require low maintenance, almost no watering, and the climate doesn’t bother them as much as other plants.

But when you have a young tree in front of you, it is easy to forget how big it will eventually grow, so people are planting trees without thinking about the potential size the tree will reach in a few years. 

Some trees increase and can reach tens of meters in just a few years. Their size then starts to interfere not only with the window view but with the cords and powerlines, which is just what is happening now in North Palm Beach. 

Dangers of the Tree Size

Once the tree reaches a part of its size, if there are any powerlines nearby, it can cause some severe problems and damage.

For example, if the tree branches become too big and too heavy, they may start to put too much pressure on the lines, so they can break and fall if they interfere with the powerlines.

Trees interfering with powerlines.

If the power cord breaks, it can cause electrical arcing and sparking from the wire. If the wire touches the dehydrated branches, it can cause a fire. Wires can also fall onto the street. If anybody touches it without appropriate types of equipment, it can cause an electric shock and death. Trees in North Palm Beach are slowly reaching their full size, which interferes with the powerlines and overall safety of the place people live in. 

How to Regulate and Avoid This Problem? 

If you have a property with trees in North Palm Beach and want to avoid these kinds of problems, the best thing to do is to keep an eye out for your trees. If you notice the tree growing too fast, you can try trimming its branches and reducing the tree size.

When you see a tree that is interfering with the powerlines in North Palm Beach, you should distance yourself to safety and then contact trained professionals that will take care of it. They will try to regulate branch sizes and trim the tree. If the tree is too damaged or too large, they can remove it altogether so that you can place another plant in its place. 

In any situation, the first thing you should always do is contact professionals. They will assess the condition of your tree, determine what needs to be done, and eliminate the hazard and potential danger. They will perform the work with the utmost professionalism and care to keep you and your home safe.

Table of Contents