Why Are Termites Dangerous?

Why are Termites Dangerous?

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Sometimes you can not save a tree affected by a disease or hurricane. So there is no other choice but to remove it.

Even if you get rid of a hazardous tree, you can’t be sure it won’t hurt you again. After all, the remaining stump carries another problem – termites.

What Are Termites?

Termites are insects related to cockroaches, which look like ants and have a similar colony structure to them. However, these insects do much more damage.

A small colony of termites can eat inside a huge tree or house in a few days, acting so carefully that no one will suspect a trick until the outer shell literally crumbles under your hand.

Why Does This Happen?

The leading food of termites is cellulose. It is part of the ration of all termites, which is why trees and wood suffer most from insect attacks. The explanation for termites’ love of trees is quite simple. The insects are helped in their digestion by tiny symbiotic bacteria living inside each individual.

Termites feed not only on wood but also on decaying animal carcasses and all kinds of plants. Even mold fungi are used as food for the young larvae. Termites are especially fond of wood, especially slightly rotten wood. It is the kind of wood that stumps consist of when trees are removed.

It is hardly necessary to explain why such a “neighborhood” is dangerous. After destroying a stump, termites will start looking for a new food source. In this case, everything containing cellulose will be in danger – neighboring trees, house walls, wooden furniture, and even sheets of paper, including wallpaper.

How to Spot Termites?

One of the dangers of termites is that traces of their activity and themselves are challenging to detect until it is too late. These insects start destroying stumps and wood from the inside, so their actions most often go unnoticed.

There are several ways to detect termites.


Termites are never quiet. Therefore, the likelihood of hearing them is much higher than seeing them. These insects emit a quiet but distinguishable hum. And if it’s coming from a stump or other wooden structures, that’s a real reason to be on the lookout.

Some homeowners use special acoustic sensors to warn of nearby termite colonies.


Termites are similar to ants but have several critical significant differences. One of them is the white color. If you notice even one white “ant” on your property, this is a severe cause for concern because white ants do not exist.

Remember that termites never live alone, so if you see one, a whole colony is hiding nearby.

Shredded Wood

When destroying a tree, these pests leave piles of shredded wood. It looks like the dust that appears after an infestation of these insects. If you begin to find piles of such debris near stumps, it could mean that these pests have already taken up residence in them.

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Combat Termites

If you find termites in the stumps, then the only correct method is to remove such a stump, as all other ways are not so effective and may have only a temporary effect.


This is pulling out the roots of plants by hand or with special equipment. The stumps and root system are dug out to a suitable depth, then the roots are cut off, and the stump is pulled out with a crowbar, winch, or tractor.

In the case of termite infection, you must remove the stump and the roots left behind.


This removes the stump by grinding it with a unique technique. This method will not only help to eliminate the stump entirely but also save the landscape, which can be damaged by uprooting or burning stumps.


The chemical method, which is often used to get rid of stumps, is unsuitable. It takes quite a long time, sometimes up to a year, but if termites are present, you must remove the stump quickly to prevent the insects from spreading to other trees and wooden structures.

Therefore, burning with fire will help in the control of these pests. This method will not only remove the remains of the stump but also destroy termites. However, you can only burn stumps in places with no restrictions on using open fire.

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When fighting termites, remember to act quickly. The sooner you start destroying these pests, the less time they will have to damage the property. If you are unsure how to do it alone, hire a team of experts to help you.